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David Shaw Marietta, PA
I have been collecting for 15 years or so thus far. I have 850+ pieces between 1/64, 1/32 and 1/16 scales. Plus 1,500+ pieces of literature. I also collect dealership memorabilia, coats, posters, parts counter advertising, literature, and salesman tools/pricebooks, videos etc. There is more out there than die-cast...
Formerly I sold Case IH equipment in Western NY; that didn't go for much over a year and a half. I currently I work for Binkley and Hurst L.P. Out Back Toys in Lititz, PA. Been here since September 2007 and its going well.
In summers since 2009, I've been transferring over to Binkley and Hurst's Lititz location. I work selling/supporting precision farming products for Case IH AFS, Trimble, Raven and Topcon products.
I love the hobby, the people and the farm toys. I don not do much heavy customization but I do some on occasion if need be. Of course that doesn not mean I will not be into it more down the road.
Age: 28
Favorite Farm Toy: 1466 Precision, Fendt 930 Vario with Claas 30\' mower set up
Hobbies: Reading, farm layouts, farm machinery historical research and archiving...
Hometown: Portersville, PA

Recent Toy Talk Posts
856 vs 706 · February 15, 2014
I wonder if that 966 is original? I thought I read somewhere that IH had discontinued the NF's on the 66 series before mid 1975.
Palouse farming sights · February 15, 2014
That was a great group of photos. I can't imagine the point where I could afford to be an 8850 collector... hahaha. Seems like he had one getting rebuilt threre
Case IH Puma · February 15, 2014
they also did a 185 PUMA I believe. I used to own the 210 and the 180/185. They were dealer collector style.  
Custom John Deere 8560 · August 19, 2013
that casting was a good blank slate for you. She got snazzed up quite nicely!!
Farm Progress Show 2013 · August 19, 2013
[quote:="Ken Updike"][quote:="wylder"] John Deere is making a quad trac?[/quote] the Patents on the red Quad must have expired, so now the green w
6030's galore · August 19, 2013
[quote:="FactoryFarmer"][quote:="jdfamily"]Brad W sure has some interesting machines. Whether it is a 6030 or not. He did a great paint job on those fini
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My Blog
I've started to update my old system of inventorying the collection. I never kept track of stock numbers till now (since I have to use them on a regualar basis at work). So along with pictures, I will